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Big Fish, Little Ponds and Infinite Oceans of Class

The professional football player is engaged in a constant struggle to perform at his peak.  A myriad of factors come into play as each individual strives to reach their top level.  One of the key variables is finding an optimum environment in which to work.  There is no template to follow here.  Each man must […]


Europa League: Gorilla Hair v Ravi Shankar Tribute Act

Is it just me or are the team names in the Europa League becoming more and more ridiculous each year?  Glancing at the scores tonight, five in particular jump out at me (and I’m not even going to mention Sheriff Tiraspol). Zulte-Waregem (pictured left) sounds like someone Flash Gordon would have taken on in his […]

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Tottenham Rejects Notch in El Madrigal

I guess he’ll be pleased enough.  Though clearly not fully match fit, Bale started and scored in tonight’s game at El Madrigal, as Madrid escaped with a point against a vibrant young Villarreal side.  The Welshman, having switched from the right to the left flank, did well to get in front of his marker and […]


Lock Up Your Women Aged 25 and Over Who Already Have a Child By Another Professional Footballer

The general reaction to Madrid off-loading 24 year old Mesut Özil was a massive WTF.  The 20,000 or so present in the Bernabeu to greet Bale took time out from chanting “Baaaay-el, Baaaay-el” to plead with Florentino Perez not to sell the number 10.  He took no notice and the €50m transfer to Arsenal was […]

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The Only Thing that is Constant is Change

So tweeted Heraclitus about 2,500 years ago.  But your modern day Madrileño philosopher here would like to add: But Every Change Needs a Constant.  Read on, and please bear with me, to be illuminated. The system for calculating world golf rankings is as convoluted as it gets.  But the only knowledge of it needed for […]