Europa League: Gorilla Hair v Ravi Shankar Tribute Act

Is it just me or are the team names in the Europa League becoming more and more ridiculous each year?  Glancing at the scores tonight, five in particular jump out at me (and I’m not even going to mention Sheriff Tiraspol).

Zulte-Waregem (pictured left) sounds like someone Flash Gordon would have taken on in his heyday.

Genk is surely something zoo keepers scrape out of the plug hole in the Gorilla enclosure.

Thun could quite easily be a dim-witted god from Norse mythology.  The cousin Thor would rather not discuss.

Shakhter Karagandy is a second rate sitar player from New Delhi.

And I am sure I saw Rubin Kazan (pictured right), a belly-dancing eastern European femme fatale that shoots poisoned darts from her naval, in an old Bond movie.

Anyone got any more suggestions?


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