I, Ferguson: We Need to Talk About Alex

fergieI’m just getting around to flicking through Sir Alex Ferguson’s latest autobiography here.  A somewhat smug 416 page tome of self-righteous back stabbing and bitter one-upmanship.  He’s gone for the rather uninspiring title, Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography.  But with his writing having clear influences from sources as diverse as David Brinkley, Alan Partridge and Homer Simpson, I think he could have been a little more creative in naming his work.  Here’s a few suggestions for your next one Fergie.

Alex Ferguson: What Happens in the Dressing Room, Goes in the Book

Alex Ferguson: Bigger Than the Club

Alex Ferguson: A Little Bit Gay for Cristiano

Alex Ferguson: Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion

Alex Ferguson: Liverpool are Shit

Alex Ferguson: I will never get my comeuppance! You hear me! No comeuppance!!

Alex Ferguson: You Scratch My Back, I’ll Plunge a Knife Into Yours

Alex Ferguson: Needless to Say, I Had the Last Laugh


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