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Money for nothing and your chips for free

You know something funny is going on when professional golfers openly admit to being aware of the prize money at stake in a tournament.  Probably more than any other sport on the planet, the protagonists of this game stick resolutely to the party line of:  We are only interested in the trophy.  It is also a sport that has allowed the three men pictured above to reach career earnings of $11 million, $10 million, and $9.2 million dollars respectively.

None of the three have ever won a tournament on the PGA Tour.  And I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that, off the top of your head, not  one of you can name all three players. With guys like these earning sums like those, it is probably just as well the golf fraternity do their best not to draw attention to the prize money they chip and putt for every weekend. Or every Thursday and Friday in the cases of the three amigos above.

So why is Justin Rose suddenly talking openly about “staggering” amounts of money awaiting the winner of this week’s tournament at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta?  Well, there are 10 million reasons.  That is how many dollars the winner of the FedEx Cup which climaxes this Sunday is guaranteed to receive.  East Lake is actually the culmination of four tournaments which make up the FedEx series.  In theory, one player could win all four.  The prize money then?  A frightening $15.76 million dollars.  Nice work if you can get it.

Brett Quigley, Brandt Jobe and Glen Day by the way…


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