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Draw Your Own Conclusions

Back in the long hot spring of 2003, I took an American student, fresh off the boat, to watch his first live televised football match.  He was a lacrosse-playing college sports fan with about as much interest in soccer as I have in ultimate Frisbee, so I was intrigued to see how he’d take to […]


Arça: Arsenal and Barça closer than ever

Arsenal have often been described as the English team most similar to FC Barcelona.  It has always been quite a fanciful comparison based largely on the Gunners relative dominance of possession in domestic games and Arsene Wenger’s blinkered insistence on staying true to his footballing principles, win lose or draw.  Unfortunately a preponderance of the […]


Lock Up Your Women Aged 25 and Over Who Already Have a Child By Another Professional Footballer

The general reaction to Madrid off-loading 24 year old Mesut Özil was a massive WTF.  The 20,000 or so present in the Bernabeu to greet Bale took time out from chanting “Baaaay-el, Baaaay-el” to plead with Florentino Perez not to sell the number 10.  He took no notice and the €50m transfer to Arsenal was […]