The Blackwell Tragedy: In Defence of Lockett & Loughlin

Each one becomes harder to process, more difficult to rationalise. He was doing what he loved. He climbed through the ropes of his own free will. He lived to fight. We know that. We only hope his family and loved ones manage to salvage some modicum of comfort from those cold, now past-tense facts. The […]


The Gypsy who would be King

In the build up to the biggest night of Billy Joe Saunders’ career, I travelled to Hatfield and Marbella to talk Travellers, discrimination, the Irish, bare-knuckle boxing and fighting Andy Lee with the pride of the Romani Gypsy community The taxi driver eyes me suspiciously in his rear-view mirror as we cruise along the leafy […]


From Belfast to Banús: Jamie Conlan is Primed for the Big Time

“He’ll be a world champion within two years.  I’m absolutely certain.” Boxing trainer Danny Vaughan, a softly spoken Liverpudlian with over 20 years’ experience in the sport, is not one for hyperbole so when he tells me this, I know he believes it. The subject is his newest charge, Jamie Conlan, and we are standing […]