The Third Man in the Ring: One Punch Too Early, One Punch Too Late

In Liverpool on the 22nd of this month, almost hidden within the stacked undercard of the Nathan Cleverly versus Tony Bellew rematch, George Groves will continue rebuilding his boxing world with a bout against the American super middleweight, Denis Douglin.  It will be exactly one day short of a calendar year from the moment, 25 […]


Froch and Groves On the Psychological Warpath

Intriguing, ridiculous, fascinating and cringe worthy in equal measure.  Kind of like Ricky Gervais’ The Office when it first hit our screens; difficult to watch but impossible to turn away.  The Office was, of course, an attempt to portray fictional characters and their relationships in a seemingly real environment.  Froch Groves II: The Gloves are […]