The Sad Lament of the Lonely Middleweight King

Gennady Golovkin was a conspicuous ringside spectator on Saturday night as Saul Álvarez and Amir Khan contested a share of a middleweight crown that the Kazakh believes should be all his. He is currently following Marvin Hagler’s template, but will GGG get the mega fights he so craves at 160 pounds, or should he begin […]


The Russians (and members of former Soviet Republics) are Coming

Actually, they’re already here and have been for some time.  It is just that the American dominated boxing universe prefers not to draw more attention to the fact than is absolutely necessary.  The likes of the hermanos Klitschko and Gennady Golovkin aside, the American boxing public gives about as much respect to old Eastern Bloc […]